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Rating: 5 out of 5.

4.9 (89 reviews)

  • Price from: $9.99
  • Discount: 20%
  • Founded in: 2015

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.2 (47 reviews)

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  • Founded in: 2015

Balanced costs and quality


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

3.8 (95 reviews)

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  • Founded in: 2010

#1 Choice among graduates

I had been out of class for almost two weeks, and I knew projects and research papers were drawing near. The very day I got back to class, we were assigned two research papers that were to be submitted in two weeks. The fact that I had been out of class made my mind go numb. There wasn’t enough time for me to do the research and submit. “What should I do?” I thought.

I remembered one time I overheard my friends talk about a writing company called Do My Papers. They were laughing as one student explained that she had submitted her paper to them. Well, I didn’t follow up to know more about the company but from the conversation, I could tell the was a writing site. I quickly Googled and bumped on the website. Thus, I decided to write this review of DoMyPapers. System

Well, well, well… the information on that site drew my attention while my eyes got wide. The site stated that they write the papers immediately after payment has been made. Also, the work was to be free of plagiarism. That sounds great. The site also stated that their writers are knowledgeable and all English natives from the UK, Canada or the USA. I was supposed to get feedback on the 14th day or even before. That is just what I was looking for, right?

“My worries and fears, all taken care of,” lazy me-I thought. Their prices were also charming. With only $5, I could get three samples to prove if my writer-to-be was the right one for me! Well, I did not get bothered. I trusted the company because of the information on their site.

Dead Promises

With my parents ensuring that I have enough cash each semester, I was ready to make an order. I did not mind about discounts. There was no promo code or coupon codes. That did not matter to me anyway. I was ready to pay for the services at whatever price, as long as I had my papers written. I had to pay upfront, though.

I will remind you something here: “Not all that glitters is gold.”

Something caught my eyes. claimed to be registered in Hong Kong whereas they operate from a different place. I didn’t take a second to think about that. After I had paid, I received a message through the chat system convincing me that I would have my papers as soon as possible. I felt relaxed and thanked myself by taking a cup of coffee for the “achievement.”

Quality of Papers Written

Three days before the submission date of my papers to the lecturer, I received my written papers from the company. I was the untouchable one! I sat down in my corner and slowly started going through the papers. The grammar used was from non-natives. The information on the paper didn’t seem to be original. I decided to make use of the Copyscape software to verify if the content was original.

I went numb when I saw the Copyscape results. How was I to submit this hogwash to the lecturer? I decided to contact them. Wait, did I even think of looking for their contact before paying for the services?

Foolish me!

I could not find them now. There was no telephone number and no email address, only the chat option I had used before and that was now “dead.”

Unsatisfied Customers

Once more, I decided to look at their website. This time, I needed to know every detail about them. That’s how I saw the customer reviews: they were all shocking. A client had tried to contact them after receiving a different essay from what he had paid for but there was no feedback from Do My Papers. A student had also complained about a poorly written paper by non-natives. The reviews alone caused my heart to race. Especially this video:

For God’s sake, why did I have to pay these folks only to mess up with my career? I could not trace good testimonials. As I write this review, I have not received any feedback from the company, and all I can do is to give them a bad rating.

Learn from my experience and stay away from

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