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Are Essay Services Legal?

Whether to choose essay services is more a question of ethics than law violation. The majority of professors would agree that there are many reasons to consider essay writing help unethical; however, they still do not violate copyright restrictions. The services dealing with essay writing are the legal holders of the papers’ copyright and are authorized to share the licensed papers with students although for limited use only. Therefore, in case the student, who has been shared the paper, distributes it to other persons without the service’s permission, bears the responsibility. Copyright may also occur when students distribute the writing without copyright transfer or formal license.

What does essay services say about their legality?

While asking are essay writing legal it is reasonable to ask the writing services what do they say about an issue. Often legality of the writing help services depends on the official description of the company’s facilities: that allows many services around the world to operate without limitations. While mentioning that the function of an essay writing service is providing texts to share and generate ideas, it excludes the liability for students submitting the papers for credit and turns illegal in some countries companies into legal essay services. Modern online firms note that dealing with them is more like “going to the library”: they provide the customers with the needed material for the best result and offer to use them in the assignment.

The text given by the professional service is not necessarily should be used as a completed essay, but may be regarded as a help taken from a database which makes the service kind of a library. Often it may be seen that writing services provide terms of use on their website pages underlining that the product received by a customer is provided as an example for research or reference as well as a sample of the text written in proper to the given style manner. That makes the company irresponsible for the customer who has submitted the paper literally for credit and, therefore, violated the service’s terms of use.

What does law say about the legality of essay services?

According to essay writing service reviews before referring to writing company it is useful to check the law specifically of your country. If speaking about the United States, there is no federal law which limits the operation of the mentioned services, however, most of the states have their own laws which may restrict or completely forbid the functioning of the ‘essays for sale’ business.

The first case of active actions against so-called “essay mill” supported by law took place in New York in 1977 while the state had to challenge the business referencing to the Education Law. The law noted that obtaining a degree with a help of dishonest and rascally means would be judged as well as aiding someone to take the mentioned actions. The state has judged the students who had referred to writing service although the company proposed the texts for research purposes only.

The court didn’t take into consideration disclaimers which were given by the service to protect the customers, and their actions were perceived as “hurting the educational system” because of cheating and plagiarism. Since then several companies have struggled with the New York court to prove the legality of their business. Best essay writing service centershaven’t stopped their existing: although the number of the battles between law and writing business has increased, the number of students purchasing the works has increased too.

Ethical controversy and advantages of referring to writing service

Although essay services may always protect themselves while facing the strict rules of law by disclaimers, stating that they provide the students with guidance rather than finished works, the academic community often criticizes the writing service companies for aiding to commit the fraud. Therefore referring to the essay writing business brings up controversy in ethics of the modern education: while some people view the writing services as a spoke in the wheel of the educational system, other people protect them from criticizing and count them as completely moral.

In one of the numerous essay writing service review, a student states that essay mill has helped him to proofread the text and avoid grammar mistakes as well as errors in content. Some students claim that nowadays pressure in the university tends to be even harder with time limits and hundreds of requirements and that are the reason for them to ask the professionals to help them with formal text while they spend time researching the subject and dedicating extra time for valuable material.

Other students write about really serious stress they have experienced during study and notice that writing services help to relief the tension by giving the text which the student then has to work with anyway but with fewer worries. Therefore it is useful to ask themselves what is the aim of referring to professionals instead of writing independently: if it may help your research or save time for the valuable project. Maybe it is time for students, as well as academic community and the government, to change the opinion about the essay mill.

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